About us

My name is Zoli, I’m a lifelong friend of the Landseer’s breed. I have always loved big dogs, especially the St. Bernards, the Newfoundlanders and the Bernese mountain dogs, but I have never owned either one of these before.

The very first dog I recall having during my childhood was a mixed-breed, black and white middle sized dog, Bodri. He lived a generous 18 years. Despite the fact that he was a watchdog, therefore spent most of its time doing his job, which was basically watching out for my grandparent’s property; I really enjoyed spending time with him. The next dog I had, I actually found in the school yard, when I was 12 years old. It was a cute little mixed terrier puppy. I took her home and she became the first dog I really developed a deep connection to. I named her Muki, and she lived 12 years.

In September, 2012 after a lot of thinking I have made a well thought out decision: I will buy a big sized dog. I started looking into the different breeds I liked. In the first place, I thought I’d like a St. Bernard, a Bernese mountain dog or a Newfoundland. However, something was missing: that spark from the first site. While I was researching the Newfoundland, I read about its so called “black/withe variant”, which turned out to be a completly different breed: the Landseer. When I read some articles about the Landseer, I felt like I found my dog/my best friend…

Csibesz – first time in my hands

There where that spark!

This is the breed I have always wanted. It’s a large, friendly, elegant and lovable dog, who has a strong personality but it also has a very balanced atmosphere and radiates confidence.

As I started my search for a kennel I got really lucky and found the perfect one: In Miskolc, Hungary (600 KM from my hometown), in the Estike Bérczy Landseer Kennel, the “C” litter was just born on 10th of July. I immediately called the owner, Tamas – a very nice gentleman. He asked me a quite a few questions and once I seemed to have passed the “test” he told me that the puppies are 10 weeks old and I could have one of them. The next morning, along with one of my friends, Istvan, I began my 600 km journey for Miskolc to bring home my new puppy.

When we arrived to Tamas and his lovely wife’s home, we were greeted by two Landseer ladies on the welcoming committee: Csibesz’s mother (Estike Bérczy Bodza) and grandmother(Bankóspusztai Delfina). It was the first time I ever saw a life Landseer. I felt enchanted! Then, when Tamas opened the kennel and all the puppies came out, I felt lost… I will never be able to choose one of them. Fortunately, I never had to…my puppy chose me… as he came straight up to me and immediately started fighting with my shoelaces…I named him Csibesz. I picked him up (please see attached photo) and knew, this is…

…the beginning of a beautifull friendship…

– Black Cat, White Cat – the movie

I was right.

Since then, I have the best friend a man can imagine: a landseer.