About the landseer breed

Estike-Bérczy Cortez (Csibesz) – a 4 year old male landseer

The Landseer is a powerful, imposing dog breed with a harmonious body build. Its back is straight, wide and strong. Its chest is wide and strong. Its ribs are nicely curved. Its stomach is slightly elevated. Its back side is wide and full. Its elbow fits right up against its body. Its tails is only down to its hock, only the end curves up a bit. Its legs are straight and with a good stance. Its front and its hind legs are equally muscular from the shoulders down with a solid bone structure. Its wide paws are composed of toes in very close proximity with webs in between each toe. Its scull is wide and massive. The fur on its face is smooth with no wrinkles. It does not slobber. Its ears are medium sized, triangular in shape, slightly rounded, sitting higher up on its scull hanging straight down the sides. Its nostrils are always clean, with no patches, covered by black colored pigments. Eyes are very warm and friendly, almond shaped medium in size, sitting deep in its scull, varying from brown to dark brown in color. Its bite is scissors like. The Landseer has a very soft, long fur coat. Its belly fur is very soft, but not as thick as the Newfoundland’s fur. The fur on its feet is not as thick as it is on its tail. Its base color is white, with black patches on its body and its backside. The neck, the brisket, the stomach, the tail, and the legs are always white. The head is always black, with white symmetrical rings around its nose. In the white parts there are some black dots, which are referred to as sooty, not dirty. The Landseer’s movements are very springy due to its mass amounts of lean muscles in its legs. The overall look of the dog is greatly influenced by its size, which in case of males can be 72-80 cm, in females’ 67-72 cm chest height. Thanks to its thick fur coat the Landseer does well in cold weather as well as in water, which is also its element. Due to the fact that its ancestors were with fishermen, they have always lived near water. Nowadays, they are still frequently utilized as water rescue dogs due to the fact that they are excellent swimmers, so rescuing a sizable man is not problem for them. The puppies’ relationship to water is great from the get go, they get right in the water and generally are great swimmers from the first try.
Altogether the Landseer is a very friendly, levelheaded dog making him an ideal candidate for families with small children. It does require a loving and consistent communication. Its need to move is quite average, but it does love long walks. It is not a barker, but when it does bark, it is deep and commands authority. It is not very difficult dog to raise, since it is very intelligent and learns fast.


ACA (American Canine Association Inc.)
ACR (American Canine Registry)
CKC (Continental Kennel Club)
DRA (Dog Registry of America, Inc.)
FCI (Fédération Cynologique Internationale)
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